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School Policies

Paper copies of any policy will be provided free to parents on request

Rotherfield Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Keeping Chidren Safe in Education Part 1 September 2016

Rotherfield Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Working with Parents Policy September 2016 - 2017

Managing Medical Conditions in School

Acceptable Use Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Rotherfield School Attendance Policy 2016-17

Rotherfield School Equalities Objectives 2016-17

Rotherfield School Equalities Statement 2016-17

Rotherfield School Complaints Policy and Procedure 2017

Rotherfield School Charging Policy

Rotherfield School Volunteer Policy

Rotherfield School Code of Conduct

Rotherfield School Data Protection Policy

Rotherfield Health and Safety Policy

Rotherfield English Policy

Rotherfield Calculation Policy

Rotherfield PE Policy

Rotherfield Science Policy

Rotherfield Online Safety Policy

Rotherfield Whistleblowing Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

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