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School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan sets out our strategic priorities for improving the school.


The school improvement plan is the key document in our school that outlines our strategic priorities.  This document drives action plans for leaders across the school in subjects or areas of focus.  Staff appraisals are also linked directly to the achievement of these priorities.

Governors are kept regularly appraised of progress against our targets and objectives through their meetings.  Governors provide scrutiny and challenge to the Headteacher and leadership team to constantly drive improvement in the school provision.



Key targets agreed by the Governing Body over next 3 years (2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020)



A clear Rotherfield Identity


*Clear agreed Rotherfield identity policy written and implemented

*Clear uniform policy written and adhered to by all

*Website statutorily compliant and updated regularly. Website useful for parents and prospective staff

*Clear staff dress code, and code of conduct, ensuring it is linked to Rotherfield identity and values and adhered to by all

*Roll full, and waiting list for pupils to come to Rotherfield




Teaching and Curriculum is exceptional at meeting pupil needs


*Teaching is consistently good on triangulated outcomes (Books- observations of learning-data on achievement), with a significant proportion outstanding.

*Curriculum is rich, diverse and varied, with assessment procedures linked to the curriculum.

*Specialist teaching is high quality and supports children enjoyment and progression across the curriculum

*Use of technology and computing is embedded throughout the school, and it supports learning exceptionally well




Outcomes for pupils are outstanding


*Pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points. We are in the top 25% of schools nationally for progress.

*The majority of pupils achieve above nationally expected standards.

*The gap between pupil premium and non- pupil premium children is closed.

*All pupil groups achieve at least as well as the same group nationally




Behaviour and pastoral care are exceptional


*Behaviour managed well and consistently in accordance with school policy

*Exclusions from school exceptionally rare

*Management information on behaviour is used exceptionally well to support children and families in challenging situations

*Workload for staff is manageable, so that they take responsibility for their role, but are not overstretched

*Attendance is above national averages for all pupil groups

*Persistent absence is rare for all pupil groups, and significantly below national average

*Safeguarding systems are exemplary, thus keeping children safe from harm




Physical environment of the school is inspirational, safe, well maintained, and supports learning well


*Play spaces evaluated and plan for improvement developed. Plan implemented as fundraising allows over time

*Premises exceptionally well maintained. Agreed timescales for response to premises issues kept to

*Technology supporting learning well across the school, and supporting the school well as an organisation

*Visual consistently across the school, linked to Rotherfield identity, giving children a sense of high value, through exceptional learning environment

*Learning environments policy written and adhered to, ensuring no clutter, and appropriate storage so staff and children can access learning resources easily

*Specialist teaching spaces support the curriculum well, including for subjects and for children who need additional support