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School Meals

Our meals are cooked freshly on site by Anita and her team.


Our school meals are provided by Caterlink.

Caterlink have the contract to provide school meals across most Islington schools, and use locally sourced ingredients when they available and in season.  All Caterlink’s menus are analysed to ensure they meet The Food Trust’s nutritional standards for children.

Every day there are jacket potatoes, bread, a salad bar, and fruit available for selection by the children.

Every day there is a vegetarian and meat or fish based option for children.  Please see the menu link above for more information.

Our dining hall is a sociable space.  We have a carrousel service so that children can see all of their friends and have a chat over lunch.  Our dining hall is not quiet.  This is deliberate.  We believe that children should be debating, negotiating and discussing during lunch – just as they should be doing at home with their families or in a restaurant when they grow up with friends!


Autumn '17 sample menu