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Rotherfield Primary School Growing futures

Soft Federation with Newington Green Primary

Rotherfield is in partnership with another Islington Primary School – Newington Green.


Newington Green, and Rotherfield Primary Schools.  London Borough of Islington.

A Soft Federation Partnership has been established between Newington Green Primary School and Rotherfield Primary School for a period of five years from February 2017.

Both Newington Green and Rotherfield Primary School will retain their own individual identify, ethos and uniqueness.
Abi, who is now our Executive Headteacher, has been supporting Rotherfield since September 2016 at the request of Islington Council.  Following further discussions with Islington and the Governing Bodies of both schools, we have decided to extend this arrangement on a more formal basis for a fixed period of the next five years.  During this period, Abi will serve as Executive Headteacher across both schools.  This agreement will be reviewed every year by the Governing Bodies of both schools, to see how things are progressing.


The schools will share resources and costs with the aim of improving the educational provision for pupils in both schools.  There are currently following joint staff between the 2 schools:


Abi- Executive Head

Jess- Deputy Head Curriculum

Leonie- Partnership Business Manager

Parul- Home School Worker

Satya- Assistant Head- Digital Strategy- Computing Specialist

Alison- Music Specialist

Janet- Spanish Specialist

Kate- Art and Design Specialist

Staff will work together and share teaching resources where this supports the improvement of provision for children in their own school.  For example sharing topic resources, planning.


In 2020 as part of the partnership improvement plan, the schools will be reviewing their office and operations functions to improve this across both settings.  As part of this review roles may change to develop the partnership further, where this is in the interest of both schools.