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Online Safety

Parental Controls

One of the best ways to keep children safe online is to use parental controls. Apps, websites and even TV streaming services have parental controls which put you in charge of what children experience online.


Click on the links below for parental controls:

Smartphones, PC, Laptop and ipads


Google, Prime, iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube and other entertainment sites


Broadband and mobile phone providers 


Social media Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Whatsapp and others


Gaming controls Discord, Fortnite, Minecraft, Nintendo, Playstation and others

Social Media Guides and age limits

Primary school children are not old enough to use social media for many reasons including bullying and unwanted or unsafe contact with strangers.


Children on social media are often exposed to inappropriate and upsetting content which can affect their mental health. When the police do workshops at schools they tell us that a large number of incidents they deal with involve social media in some way. 


Click the links below for a guide on each social media platform.

Social Media guides, click the links for more info.Minimum age to use
Instagram facts13
Facebook facts13
TikTok facts13
Snapchat facts13
Youtube facts13
Whatsapp facts16
Twitter / X facts13
Discord facts17



Secondary School Safety Information from LGFL:


Secondary School Safety Information from LGFL:

LGFL Parent Safe Website

We use online safety resources from London Grid for Learning (LGFL), they have a page for parents about online safety called LGFL Parent Safe. The information here is frequently updated and covers a very large range of topics from screen time, online danger trends, reporting concerns and much more.

Link to "LGFL Parent Safe" Website

LGFL Parent Safe Website