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School Food Offer

Changes to our school Food offer


In 2022, as part of our School Improvement Plan, we will be moving away from a contract catering model of providing our school food.  With the support of the charity, Chefs in Schools (Chefs in Schools) we will bring catering under school management.


Over this academic year we will be improving the food offer in line with our agreed food vision.


Children who are attending a maintained primary school in Islington are entitled to free school meals.


You must register for your child to receive a school meal by using the citizens’ portal.


Please use the step by step guidance provided by Islington to assist you in applying for your child Step by step Free School Meals guide


Our Food Vision 

We want food at both schools to be a central and important part of our whole school educational offer.  We would like food linked to the curriculum, and topics we are learning, where possible. We want food staff to be part of the school, and part of the ethos of giving our children the best. As with educational staff, we will expect food based school staff to perform in line with the school values and ethos. 

We want children, staff and parents to have a say in the menu offer, and for children to learn about food and nutrition through a healthy school food offer.  We want pupils to know about where food comes from, food names, and try new foods in a nurturing environment. We want food to be cooked from scratch, locally sourced, seasonal and as ethical as possible. 

We want children in our schools to: 

*All have the school meal 

* LOVE the menu- which reflects what they want to eat, whilst educating them sensitively about new foods 

* Know all the kitchen team by name, be excited to see them, and not scared to ask for more, less or what they want 

*Have kitchen staff who listen to what they would like (Food council) and plan fun, nutritious, cooked from scratch menus  

*A dining experience which ensures they can talk, share food and know what they are eating (labels, education) 

*Have a high quality breakfast and after school offer which compliments the school day offer 

*Develop the food cultures of the schools to ensure pupils understand the journey of food from farm to fork, how food reflects cultures, understanding nutrition and health 


We have recruited a Head Chef, Emma Cobb.  Emma starts working at Newington Green, our sister school, in February 2022. She will be working at Rotherfield very soon too to transform meals here!

Summer 2 Menu After School Club & Breakfast Club