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Working At Our School

Why should you come and work at Rotherfield? Because we will value you!

Rotherfield is a brilliant place to start your career, or develop it further.  Please see why our staff love to work here!


We are delighted that you are interested in joining the team here at Rotherfield – which is why you clicked on this page.

Rotherfield is a happy, dynamic school with high expectations of its pupils. It serves a diverse, inner London community and works with a wide range of partners.

There are significant challenges around raising the attainment of pupils, developing achievement of some under performing groups in school, and ensuring that we build a community of learners (both staff and children), who aspire to achieve the very best for our community.

We are a good school working on continual improvement.  You will find a friendly and committed staff who really believe in our children and their ability to positively affect children’s lives.

To be appointed to our school we will expect you to be committed to improving pupil’s life chances.  We will expect that your practice is good or outstanding and that children make good progress under your leadership of learning.
You can expect from us a school committed to your professional learning, a supportive leadership team and wonderful group of support and teaching staff.

We would love you to visit us and get a sense of what Rotherfield is all about.  Please call the office and come and look around.  Being nosey is the best way to find out all about us!

Find out here why our staff love working at Rotherfield!





I joined Rotherfield nearly 6 years ago as a Year 2 teacher and I have hugely enjoyed my time here. Throughout that time I have worked with a variety of excellent support staff and the relationships between staff are friendly and positive, making it a happy place to work.


Having previously worked in Barnet, which is very well respected for its borough support, I was unsure what to expect from Islington. But it has been a fantastic borough to work in. We have regular network meetings where staff from the same year groups gather to discuss and share good practise, as well as supportive visits from borough experts which I know has helped me develop as a teacher.


The children I have taught have always been excited and enthusiastic to learn and through my teaching I feel like I’m having a positive impact on their lives.  Children come from a huge range of cultures and backgrounds which makes it an interesting and dynamic environment to teach in.


My role as art and environment co-ordinator has allowed me to lead some exciting projects that have made the school environment a stimulating and engaging place for children, parents and staff alike. Examples are the recent regeneration of the library, a large playground mural and the stairwell art project where huge panels of wood were painted and designed by children to serve as a permanent display.


Recent changes in timetable have had a really positive impact on learning and I know that other changes are planned to ensure that children at Rotherfield are given an excellent education that equips them well for life.


If you are interested in visiting the school to find out if it is the right place for your career, click here to send us an email. Send us your CV too, if you have it ready!  Email us at