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Reading- how can I help my child?



This page is designed to support you as parents and carers with your child's journey to becoming a fluent, confident reader.


To help support and improve Rotherfield's high quality phonics teaching, we have chosen a new systematic synthetic programme, validated by the DfE.  From January 2022, we have been using 'Little Wandle Letters & Sounds revised' which will give all our readers a solid base upon which to build as they progress through school, as well as developing the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information.  'Little Wandle' is based on our previous phonics scheme, Letters and Sounds, but extensively revised to prepare your children to go above and beyond the expectations of the Y1 Phonics Screening Check.  We have made this decision based on extensive research and careful consideration of the needs of all our readers.  It provides a simple routine and consistent approach to phonics teaching, which helps to reduce pupils' cognitive load and maximise their chances of success. 


There will be regular workshops for parents throughout the year, so please look out for these in our school newsletter.


Below you will find helpful guides and videos that will support you, in helping your child to read.  

Little Wandle has resources and videos listed below so you can learn more about how your child makes progress and how to support them...



Watch these videos to help you support your child with their different phases of learning...


Phase 2 Autumn 1


Phase 2 Autumn 2


Phase 3            


Phase 5                


How we teach ‘alien’ words


How we teach tricky words


How we teach blending



How do we prioritise reading to make sure that all pupils read well, widely and confidently, so they can access learning for themselves?


*The design of our curriculum is driven by high quality texts, taking into account the equalities focus of our curriculum

*We have a librarian that works with all classes to support their love of books and the books children might choose to expand their horizons

*All our take home reading books are Little Wandle decodable texts and match exactly what is being taught in daily phonics and supported reading lessons

*Every class has an inviting reading corner

*Our teachers read aloud to us every day, and talk to us about book choices

*Our Year 5 & 6 pupils have access to the Islington Reading Road Map of 60 newly published titles

*Each year we celebrate World Book Day by inviting Authors in for visits, dressing up and spending the whole day reading for pleasure and celebrating books

*Our staff have ALL received training on Little Wandle, our phonics programme, and teachers have received training on story-time, book choices and reading for pleasure.



Read here about why daily reading with your child matters so much...