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Statutory Information

On this page you will find information which is required by the Department for Education. Schools must provide this information on their websites.

Information on time taken off by Union Officials:  Rotherfield has no staff who act as union officials, therefore no staff time is taken for this purpose.

Financial Information:  For information on how Rotherfield compares financially with other schools click here:

The public sector equality duty is a duty on public authorities to consider or think about how their policies or decisions affect people who are protected under the Equality Act.  Click below to read our equalities statement, objectives and access plan:

Information on how Rotherfield spends the PE and Sports Premium: Please read here about how we spent our money in 2019/2020 and what impact it made:

Rotherfield PE Impact Report

In 2020/2021 we are aiming to meet the following objectives and will report on our impact in October 2021.  


  •  To introduce further opportunities for competitive events within school   across the year
  •  To provide additional opportunities for sporting activities during lunch
  •  To invest in sports equipment and storage, to support quality of   teaching/access to equipment
  •  To ensure a higher percentage of children meet the end of Key Stage   swimming expectations